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Fraser Range Project (100% Tasman Tiger)


Tiger Tasman Minerals Fraser Range Project, located in Fraser Range province of, WA, is comprised of two granted exploration licences covering 124 square kilometres. The tenements are 60km southwest of the Nova Nickel Mine within the Biranup zone and Northern Foreland metagranitic unit. The tenements contain a number of major and secondary shear zones, potential conduits for mineralisation. Historical geophysical data within the tenement, supports the presence of reduced granites under cover, with the potential of lithium bearing pegmatite bodies adjacent to regional contractional faults

Project Description:

Historical surface sampling has confirmed the presence of nickel, copper, and zinc mineral occurrences on the southern tenement whilst the northern tenement remains unexplored and untested. The project covers a largely unexplored area within the Albany Fraser Origin over comparable stratigraphy that hosts the significant Nova‐Bollinger Ni‐Cu‐platinum group element (PGE) deposit, 60km northeast of the project.

In the period 2017‐18 West Resource Ventures Pty Ltd (WR) a 100% owned subsidiary of Lithium Consolidated Minerals Exploration Limited (LCME (ASX:Li3)) undertook exploration targeting hard‐rock lithium on granted ground (E63/1862 Ten Mile South) which is now incorporated within Tiger Tasman Minerals E63/2054 northern tenement in the Fraser Range. Based on historical geophysical data LCME concluded the presence of reduced “fertile” granites under cover and potential lithium bearing pegmatite bodies adjacent to regional contractional faults within the tenement. The target pegmatite bodies were suggested to be in high grade metamorphics, which increased the potential for metallurgically preferable, Beta‐spodumene bearing pegmatites with Li source potential. A review of open file data by West Resource found that soil and calcrete sampling had been carried out along the southern edge of the Ten Mile South tenement (now incorporated into Tiger Tasman Minerals E63/2054 tenement). The data contained basic Au and Ni‐Cu and associated geochemistry. Lithium and Li‐ pegmatite indicator elements were not assayed.

GWA 200m airborne magnetic surveys P1256‐Widgiemooltha South and P1259 Widgiemooltha North magnetic data was reprocessed to produce interpretative image including analytic signal, tilt angle and VRMI images. Open data including magnetic and gravity data was used to interpret ganitoid bodies and assess the Li source potential. Favourable greenstones hosts, banded iron formations or mafic units were identified along with structural conduits for movement of fractionating LCT (Lithium Ceasium Tantalum) pegmatitic fluids out of the granites. Using this interpretation, target areas were selected adjacent to the granitic contact and within upper haloes of buried plutons. West Resource developed a plan for 40 aircore drill holes across seven lines over inferred LCT pegmatite zones which were surveyed and marked.

Tiger Tasman Minerals exploration strategy for the Fraser Range project incorporates geophysics, geochemical sampling to select targets for a maiden drilling program.

Fraser Range (100%)
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