Sustainability & ESG


Tiger Tasman Minerals recognises that our success is intertwined with the future of the natural environment, society, and economy we operate within. We are committed to responsible ESG corporate citizenship and will seek win-win outcomes to balance our needs with those of our many stakeholders.
During the first twelve months after successfully listing the company, Tiger Tasman Minerals intends to fully develop its ESG strategy and action plan with the assistance of recognised external expertise. The foundations of our sustainability plan include:

Our compass

Tiger Tasman Minerals intends to adopt the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals as a “compass” to guide our future sustainability strategy.

Our Approach

A robust set of systems and reporting capabilities will be developed and implemented to support measurement and monitor our progress against key performance indicators which form part of our Sustainability plan.

Our Goals

Achieve Net Carbon Zero for our operations
Join the UN Global Compact and Climate Active Programs
Develop, endorse, and implement an ESG Plan for the company
Externally audit ESG performance of the company against industry peers & best practice